Join the Northern Lights Team

We’re always looking for good people.  Must have good work history, great attitude and be willing to work hard!  Positions filled as needed.

Front Service Staff
Work the ticket booth, food service counter, and food delivery.

Kitchen Staff
Prepare great food in a fast paced environment.

Applications available at the box office during open hours.

Food Handler’s card (may be obtained after hiring)
OLCC permit (may be obtained after hiring)
Please only apply if you are over the age of 18 and have reliable transportation.
email resume to or pick up application at our box office during open hours.


All staff members:
must have both a Food Handler’s Card and an OLCC Server’s permit.  If you do not have one or both, they can be obtained within the time frame required by either organization.
Remember:  CUSTOMER SATISFACTION IS OUR MAIN PRIORITY. All staff members must be polite, courteous, and professional towards our customers at all times.
All staff members are responsible for following procedures and completing check lists for their assigned areas of responsibility.
Staff must keep hair and garments from becoming a sanitary issue. Follow the company dress code.
maintain a clean, professional work area at all times while keeping in mind the requirements of the Health Code.

Hours will be scheduled by a manager, mostly evenings and weekends.
All employees are responsible for knowing their own schedule and showing up on time.
Be ready to work at the start of your shift.
If an employee cannot work their scheduled shift, they must make a reasonable effort to contact a replacement and inform a manager ahead of time.

Box Office:
Assist customers purchasing movie tickets, movie passes, gift cards, and tickets for special events. Maintain a balanced till with both cash and credit transactions.
Answer Customer’s questions and phone calls regarding movie times, movie information, booking events, and other general questions about our operations.
Check ID’s before selling tickets to verify that customers are over 21 during times when minors are only permitted with a parent or when minors are not permitted at all.
Be familiar with age limitations and restrictions. Enforce age restrictions at all times.
Prevent customers from sneaking in outside food and beverages.
Print and stock movie schedules, information, and other documents. Ensure that customers can always pick up a movie schedule without waiting.
Update and change marquees between movie sets.
Wash dishes between movie sets. Help kitchen, bar, and concessions restock clean dishes.

Quickly and politely help customers place orders for food and drinks.
Maintain a good knowledge of our menu, ingredients, specials, and variations.
Keep displays current and ensure the menu is correct.
Correctly charge the customer for products ordered and give the correct change due to the customer as needed,
Maintain a balanced till with both cash and credit transactions.
Always make our customers you top priority, especially when they have left a movie in progress to order something.
Make your best effort to immediately solve problems for any customer experiencing a service issue. Alert your Shift Leader or Manager immediately if you don’t know what to do.
Notify your Shift Leader and/or Manager immediately if a customer’s actions or behavior become an issue.
Restock concessions inventory between movie sets.
Keep a clean workspace, concessions area, and lobby.
Assist with deliveries when directed by your Shift Leader or Manager.

Face all table numbers toward the aisle and move them to the edge of the table before the start of the movie, so that you can read numbers easily when the lights are dimmed.
After the movie has started, check the visual and audio quality of the film throughout the movie to insure a good presentation. Notify a manager immediately if there is a problem with a film.
You will also need to make sure the theater is not too hot or too cold. Notify a manager if the climate controls need to be adjusted.
Check to make sure people have not brought in outside food or beverages during the movie and address the problem if they have. Notify a Shift Leader or Manager if a customer has a problem with this policy.
Make sure all food items meet our quality standards and the customer’s expectations.
Check order tickets to ensure the order is correct.
Deliver food items to customers, immediately after they are prepared.
Take the order ticket with you to the table in case you need to verify that the customer is getting exactly what they ordered.
Resolve any discrepancies in orders to the best of your abilities. Ask a Manager or Shift Leader for assistance if you need it.
If an order has a halfway dessert on the ticket, mark the remaining number and items, then return the ticket to the kitchen. If an order has been completed, place it in the completed stack of tickets.
Remind kitchen about halfway orders before the halfway point of the movie.
Assist with prep and making desserts if necessary.
Make sure all orders are out before the halfway point of the movie. Check the kitchen for any remaining tickets. Then check for table numbers.
Locate and resolve any issues involving lost tickets.
Hang “closed for cleaning” signs on the theater doors.
Bus auditoriums as the credits begin at the end of a movie. Dispose of garbage, collect dirty dishes, sanitize tables, and spot sweep.
Notify kitchen when theaters have been seated

Prepare food items as ordered by the Customers.
Insure that food items meet our quality standards and the customer’s expectations.
If a Customer has an issue with a food item, correct the issue as fast as possible. Alert a Shift Leader or Manager for any corrections in the sales computer.
Make sure there are sufficient levels of inventory on hand to prepare estimated food expectations. If there are insufficient inventory levels, alert your Manager immediately.
Prep, rotate, and restock food items as needed to insure sufficient levels of inventory on hand.
Keep all food items in the correct containers.
Make sure that all inventory items are dated and rotated to insure that all food items are used in the correct order, kept fresh, and are of the highest quality.
Check food temperatures to verify that they are not in the “Danger Zone”,
Keep clean and sanitary conditions as required by the Health Code.
Assist with dishes and utensil cleaning as needed and insure that all dishes and utensils are clean at the end of the workday
The Cook may be asked, at the discretion of the Management, to assist the Front Staff, and other positions as needed.

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